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Efficiency as a major key to profitability is the driving motivator in most businesses


As the ad hoc use of online tools increases more and more businesses are becoming less and less efficient, using the wrong tools and using new online tools in old ways without developing more efficient workflows. Nirvana Business Systems delivers efficiency by accurately mapping your business workflows and then ensuring best fit solutions within them. This means that your data moves to where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

So, if your business struggles with:

  • endless small task repetition
  • system bottlenecks and wasted time
  • document version control and sharing
  • a lack of easy to use reporting usable on any device wherever you are
  • poor team communication, ineffective meetings, frustrated team members
  • business tools that only almost work or that you are compromising with
  • finding what tools are the best to use in your specific circumstances.

Then you absolutely need to visit our Solutions page and get in contact: Nirvana Business Systems – Solutions


We look at the most cost effective and efficient way to get business systems directly following your workflows.

How do we do this? Starting at the beginning is huge, we want to know your daily challenges to allow a tailored, future proof tech solution to be designed for your business. You’ll note the word future proof. We firmly believe that a truly robust system should be made of a number of key tools that can be changed, upgraded and improved as new technology arrives without disrupting the main flow.

Our team are also experts in discovering how useful new tools are and where they fit in your organisation. It ought to be noted that every year literally millions of new apps hit the cloud, many do some of the things you need or at least seem to but which ones do you and your team actually need and how do they integrate so that you have maximum efficiency with the closest match to your business workflow? Importantly…how do you trust the app or tool to look after your business.


Thats what we do…

…match your exact needs with the right tools and integrate.

By the way…did we mention we are also experts at automation of repetitive tasks?

So whether you need help with understanding what your business workflow looks like or just how to get tech to help  your business be more efficient. We definitely can help you. Check out our Solutions page:
Nirvana Business Systems – Solutions


What can come as a shock to many business owners is just how much time is spent on small repetitive tasks such as employee coordination and data management. Even emails? 144.8 billion emails are sent every day.


…imagine that clutter cleared with simple processes.

It’s so easy to get into the habit of dealing with these low value tasks on a day-to-day basis that managers lose track of how ridiculous it is – after all, most of them don’t require a great deal of skill, and it’s amazing to think about what might be accomplished if that time were spent on something else instead.

NBS takes your outdated business processes and automates and integrates your whole business into workflows. We help you to maximise your data efficiencies so that all members of your team collaborate and take responsibility for all of their tasks…


…imagine an efficient business

Check out our suite of products, services and packages all designed to help, from the simplest workflow understanding to setting up one point data entry collection of client details, right through to fully integrated day to day business systems and even automated tools that manage your marketing.

Nirvana Business Systems – Solutions


In fact, any task that occurs in your business that can be systemised and automated should be systemised and automated. We look forward to getting your business properly efficient, and your time under control so you can focus on the important high value challenges.