Franchise Management Solution

$195.00 / month and a $2,995.00 sign-up fee

For a franchise operation to be successful, both you and your franchisees need to have confidence in the systems including; training, marketing, financial reporting, stock control, purchasing and more.

Look no further, this solution has been developed using the knowledge and expertise gained through running a successful national franchise operation in New Zealand.


Product Description

Whether you have an existing franchise network or looking at setting one up, Nirvana Business Systems have developed the perfect solution that will help  Digitise,  Automate and  Integrate all areas of your franchise operation.Successful franchising is all about relationships; providing good leadership, effective management, and two-way communications. We can help you achieve these and more, though proven operational systems that covers the following areas and more; training, marketing, finances, stock control, purchasing and centralised communication.

We can help you to simplify and streamline the daily operational activities required to maintain a successful franchise operation. We offer a solution that will best match your business with the most cost effective solution possible. In fact, we guarantee that our product will put the right information at your finger tips when you need it.

The Franchise Management Solution incorporates:

  • full integration with key business applications giving you and your staff the right information at the tip of their fingers
  • a platform that ensures transparent and timely communication between franchiser and franchisees
  • a system that ensures successful telemarketing campaigns across one or all locations
  • interactive training systems.
  • centralised data reporting and tools at your fingertips, across every device and user in your franchise
  • product lists and inventory in one central place, updated in real time
  • the tools that allow you to assign tasks to the correct franchisee, days, weeks or years in advance.


What makes this solution the perfect choice?

A Strong Operational System

Nirvana Business Systems have created a system that ensures consistency across all areas of the Franchise operation, from the national franchiser to its franchisees. The key to a successful franchise is to have proven systems that are clear, simple and intuitive. A franchiser needs to have confidence in the systems including; training, marketing, operations, finances, purchasing. Look no further, this solution is based on a successful national franchise operation in New Zealand.

Full System Integration
Nirvana Business Systems have developed this solution to provide a seamless interface between key business applications including:

  • Podio.
  • Xero and.
  • The full range of Google apps.

By partnering with these organisations, who are industry leaders in their fields, we know we can offer the very best solution possible that utilises cutting edge technology.

Boost Efficiency
This solution will boost the efficiency of you and your franchisees by providing a system which dramatically reduces the time and costs associated managing your franchise operation through:

  • A centralised inventory and stock management systems
  • A centralised Marketing planners, enabling you to share your long term plans, objectives and strategies.
  • Providing control automatically restricting access to and/or sharing information between your staff, franchisees, contractors, partners and clients!
  • Providing the tools to manage your social media accounts from one central point.

There by ensuring your team is constantly able to work together to build a successful company.

No Surprises
The system has been developed to ensure complete transparency between all your franchise units through providing one central point of all communications. Making it easy to maintain control over operational activities through the controlled flow of information, in real time which means that you know what is happening where and when, no more surprises!

Simple and Intuitive
Nirvana Business Systems have engineered a simple yet intuitive system that is flexible enough to adapt to your business requirements, whether you have one or two franchisees or a global player with hundreds of franchisees.

Your operational staff, as well as existing and new franchisees will hit the floor running with the help of the fully interactive training resources provided with all Nirvana Business Systems Solutions and Services.