Retail Trading & POS Solution

$195.00 / month and a $1,950.00 sign-up fee

Are you looking for a fully integrated retail solution where you can track stock levels, stay on top of your finances, right through to managing your marketing campaigns and more. And remove the headaches and cost of managing your business across multiple platforms.
Check out how Nirvana Business Systems can help you 'Digitise, Integrate and Automate your business.

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Product Description

World leading Point of Sale Solution

Nirvana Business Systems have developed a Retail Point of Sale solution with you in mind. With this easy to use solution that provides a fully integrated retail environment. You can track your stock levels, keep on top of your finances right through to managing marketing campaigns and more. Let us remove the headaches and cost of managing your business across multiple platforms.
Our solution combines the proven functionality of Podio to; communciate, organise and get work done, along with other industry leaders such as Xero. Nirvana Business Systems will provide you with a retail solution you’ll love to use while allowing the flexibility to fit into how you work.
The key to a running a successful Retail operation is having the confidence in your systems. Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you to pull your systems together once and for all.
Nirvana’s Retail Point of Sale Solution delivers through:

  • Boosting productivity and saving man hours through automation.
  • Ultimate workflow design.
  • An easy templated system for handling daily administration and accounting tasks.
  • Tracking your marketing activities and allowing you to report on your success.
  • Powerful reporting on anything and everything you need with data that is updated in real time. No more waiting for progress reports.
  • One complete system which integrates, automates and priortises all your business requirements, product, delivery, team and marketing planning.

    What makes this solution the perfect choice?

    Stock control made easy
    The solution has been developed, with safe guards in place, to ensure that stock levels are maintained, always up to date with no duplicates. Products can be automatically created from buying items saving you time and effort.
    Full System Integration
    Nirvana Business Systems have developed this solution to provide a seamless interface between key business applications including:

  • Podio
  • Xero and
  • The full range of Google apps.
    By partnering with these organisations, who are industry leaders in their fields, we know we can offer the very best solution possible that utilises cutting edge technology.
    A Better Way of Working – Boost Your Teams Efficiency
    This solution will boost the efficiency of you and your team by providing automated workflow which will dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with running a retail operation. The one click design and automation means that you and your team can focus on the important things.
    Track your marketing
    The solution provides complete transparency over all your marketing initiatives. It provides you with full visibility so you will know exactly who your best referrers are? Which adverts are making you Money and which ones are costing you?
    Simple and  Intuitive
    Nirvana Business Systems have engineered this simple templated system that utilises the features and functionality of Podio and other industry leading applications, so that you and your team can do great things together.
    Hit the ground running with our fully interactive training material and expert customer support team.
    The entire solution is developed to match your business workflows to produce a truly intuitive system ensuring that all important ‘buy in’ from your staff, suppliers and customers.