Scrum Focused Management Solutions

$195.00 / month and a $2,995.00 sign-up fee

If you are looking for a solution that combines the functionality of Podio to communicate, organise and get work done in one place and the well known team performance framework Scrum?
Look no further, Nirvana Business Systems developed this solution to meet their own operational challenges and are now offering it to you. Get on board and prepare to take your business to the next level!

Product Description

Nirvana Business Systems have developed the Scrum Focused Management Solution which combines the functionality of Podio to communicate, organise and get work done in one place and the well known team performance framework Scrum (a framework which gets teams working to their best capabilities!). The result is a solution that provides a tool that you’ll love to use while allowing the flexibility to fit into how you run projects to get the greatest benefit for you and your business.
This solution incorporates Scrum features including; product stories, burndown charts, releases and sprints to create a fully automated, extremely powerful all en composing platform you can use to progressively digitise, integrate and automate all your business systems.
Nirvana Business Systems Scrum Focused Management Solution provides you with:

  • One powerful prioritised list detailing what your company is lining up to get done, providing one central place for all your team to work from.
  • Powerful reporting with information that is up to date, in real time. No more waiting for progress reports.
  • One complete system which integrates, automates and priortises all your business, product, delivery, team and marketing planning.
  • The ability to measure team performance through automated progress reports (burndown charts).
  • Automated outsourcing of backlog items to external teams, providers and clients.
  • Seamless integration and automation with our Podio Xero Integration Solution and Podio Elance Management Solution.

    What makes this solution the perfect choice? 

    Seamless integration between the functionality of Podio and the Scrum Framework
    Nirvana Business Systems has incorporated the best of Podio to develop a one stop solution for the managing of projects, big or small. The team have overlaid this with the Scrum Framework of collaboration, team self management, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business practices to produce a truly intuitive system.
    A Better Way of Working – Boost Your Teams Efficiency
    This solution will boost the efficiency of you and your staff by providing a system which dramatically reduces the time and costs associated managing projects. Giving you the confidence to know that your business producing at maximum efficiency, giving you more time to focus on the important stuff.
    No Surprises
    This solution provides full transparency by automating the communication between your team, freelance contractors, suppliers and clients. Working together we can help you pull your systems together once and for all.
    Simple and Intuitive
    Nirvana Business Systems have engineered a simple templated system that utilises the features and functionality of Podio and incorporates Scrum Principles in this intuitive design. By providing a platform and system where you and your team can do great things together.