NBS specialises in magic - we create the opportunity to give you more time, more efficiency and more creative freedom.


Our team develops work flow solutions ensuring that your systems can be as efficient as possible.


By digitising, integrating and automating them through IT we are proud to work with leading companies throughout the world.


If you and your team feel the repetitive nature of your tasks could be done by a robot, trust me, we can make this happen!


Give yourself and your team more time, let us create magic for you.


Sometimes good things take time, but we can prioritise any work you need done now with you team, just talk to us about your priorities and we can tailor make a schedule for you.


Part of our team are focused strictly on research and development of new technologies, breakthrough are made continuously by our team and others, and part of our job is to ensure your technology is future proofed and to advise you of breakthroughs that will make a difference to your systems.



Change is a given, we work in a agile, flexible environment and need to develop systems that can also move in an agile way. Without this you will soon be stuck with some outdated, expensive technology that will soon be in the dark ages!


NBS create platforms for growth and utilising our dynamic, agile environment we are constantly looking for breakthroughs. No matter what the economy throws at us, no matter where the technology goes, we're on a mission to constantly be at the forefront and serve up the best suited solutions for you.